Our goal at CooLoo is to create high-quality sustainable products with a long and comfortable life. We start by using the highest-quality materials that are solvent and CFC free to reduce our ecological footprint and combining this with applying waste materials in high-end products.

Our vision matches perfectly with the concepts of the Circular Economy. Therefor we embrace the theory of the 9 R’s to create our products in accordance with the circular philosophy.

  1. Refuse. We only develop or create products or solutions that have a demand in the marketplace and fit our vision. No large supply chains, no high volume productions to reduce costs without demand. Make to order. Refusing to put time, energy and materials in useless or one-time use products.
  2. Reduce. We try to create our products as simple and basic as possible to avoid complex structures and high material use. Efficiency in the use of materials and production is key.
  3. Re-use. Once you have a CooLoo product, never just throw it away! The materials used are of the highest quality and the basis should last a lifetime. Moreover we can use our technologies to upgrade your old furniture with a new durable finishing.
  4. Repair. When using a product it can break. That just happens. Luckily the CooLoo technologies and local production philosophy make it easy to send a broken product back to the factory for repair. These repairs do not produce any waste; we just fix and recoat it. Your product will return as good as new.
  5. Refurbish. Is your product old, worn out or is the finishing not fashionable anymore? No worries, we can re-coat old products with a new finishing which will make your furniture piece look brand new. This way you never have to throw it away.
  6. Remanufacture. We love to give old furniture non-CooLoo pieces a new look and feel. Most old furniture has a pretty decent and strong frame or base, they probably just need a new skin to get them back into the game!
  7. Repurpose. If you find a new purpose for one or our products, please let us know. We are happy to adjust an old product to suit a new purpose.
  8. Recycle. We try to use as many waste materials as possible in our products and finishings. Re- or even upcycling old wine corks, leather waste and recycled foam. Is your product really at the end of its cycle? We can easily separate the materials to be used again. Do you have a waste material with no solution? Let us know!
  9. Recover. We are constantly looking for new waste materials and manufacturers that produce waste, to recover these materials that otherwise would be burned for energy. In this way we try to save good material from being wasted.

Within the eCooLoogical program every product with the eCooLoogical stamp can be shipped back to us for recycling. We re-use the existing materials to create a new product. Upon return, the coating is separated from the foam. The coating is then shredded and made into base plates for new CooLoo products. The foam will be shredded and bound together to create new shapes that are ready for a quality CooLoo re-finishing.

In our quest for longevity and sustainability, CooLoo also offers re-finishing of your eCooLoogical product after its’ first life cycle of 7 to 10 years. Instead of throwing it out, re-coat your products to give them that brand-new look and feel. Just contact us and we will be able to accommodate your request**.

If you choose to purchase a CooLoo product embedded in the eCooLoogical program, you can be sure there will be no waste as a result of your purchase. All materials can be re-used to live another day.

*shipping costs not included ** price per request

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