Original and timeless furniture. The permanent collection of CooLoo has a sustainable waterproof coating, which makes it stand out both outside and inside.


At CooLoo’s in-house research and development department, coatings and finishings are developed with the best sustainable properties for interior and industrial applications.


CooLoo reduces the ecological footprint by using the highest quality materials that are solvent and CFC-free to make long-lasting, sustainable coatings. For most of the coatings waste materials are transferred into a high-quality finishing.



Ameba is a soft seating object made from soft foam with a special coating developed by CooLoo. Because of this innovative application, the Ameba has no frame inside. Leather waste from the Dutch leather industry is used for the finishing. Ameba by Hugo de Ruiter, awarded with a Good Industrial Design award during Dutch Design Week 2020.


The high-profile interior of the new Red Bull office in Amsterdam with high-end interior solutions by CooLoo. The tough and robust ‘half-pipe’ meeting hubs and the iconic staircase are coated with sustainable Econcrete. Combined with an impressive acoustic louver wall coated with RealMetalRust, these innovative interior solutions give a sturdy yet warm appearance to the Habitoor from the pen of Casper Schwarz Architects.

Casper Schwarz Red Bull 004
CooLoo offers solutions for new construction and renovations to roofs, walls, and floors for residential and commercial buildings. Also, innovative solutions have been developed for the airtight BENG building regulations under the European EPBD guidelines.


CooLoo’s polyurea based coatings are extremely suitable for renovation and waterproof finishing of walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs for the interior and exterior of any type of building and any surface. These industrial materials and applications are suitable for industrial and residential construction. CooLoo offers solutions for the BENG building regulations in accordance with the European EPBD guidelines.