CooLoo Development

Almost all the coating technolgies and finishings CooLoo FoamFurniture and CooLoo In&Exteriors uses are developed in-house.

Because we have a more than two decades of experience in coating technologies we have a huge amount of knowledge which can be used for special projects and new products. Because of this more and more companies come to us for advice and specific projects. Together with the customer or end-user we are able to develop special coatings technologies based on the need or technical demands.

Currently CooLoo is developing a coating technology to be used for flight case in-lays that have to be transported from clean room to clean room. And for the new BENG legislation we have developed a coating technology to make houses and buildings air-tight to improve the environmental label and reduce the amount of air and heat loss.

So if there is a specific project or problem where you are thinking about a coating solution. Please contact us to see what we can do for you.